April Tournament/

This tournament will be held in Boston, MD, on April 23rd. Click the sign-up button below to register. 

May Tournament/

May 14th-16th in Pittsburgh, PA will be the first tournament held in May. AAA 2009-2010. Click the Pittsburg sign-up button below to register.

The 28th-31st in Philadelphia, PA, will be May's second tournament. More details and sign-up information to come soon. AAA 2003-2011. AA 2006-2010

June Tournaments/

The first Pre-Draft showcase will be held the 11th-13th in Boston, MA. JR A Divison 2000-2002. College Open Division 2002-2004.

The second is in Buffalo, NY, on the 18th-20th. AAA 2011-U18 and AA 2010-U18.

July Tournaments/

The Mini Chowder will be held in Boston, MA, from the 16th-18th. AAA 2007 and 2008.

The Senior Chowder in Boston, MA, the 22nd-25th. JR A 2000-2002.

JR Chowder in Boston, MA July 29th - August 1st. AAA 2005 and 2006.

The clash will be July 21st-24th. AAA 2010.

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