Player Services

Our mission at Reider Hockey is to assist players of all ages and skill levels to reach their full potential, in hockey and life.

Whether it's getting a scholarship to play college hockey or simply earning more ice time this season, we know that there is nothing more rewarding than when a player achieves their goals. To advance in the game a player must do more than simply want to play at higher levels. He/she must be motivated and committed to obtaining those necessary attributes that align with their aspirations. Skill development, Hockey IQ, fitness, mental growth, and player marketing all play a part. But often knowing where to start and the steps to get there can be a daunting task for players and their families.


As a former college level and professional player, Coach Reid knows first hand what it takes to get to that next level. Drawing from his own playing and coaching experiences, in-depth knowledge of the game, and ongoing coach and scout connections, Coach Reid commits to helping his clients meet their short and long-term goals. Our player services include virtual  1-hour consultations, video analysis, and fitness planning. 

Young Hockey Player

1 Hour Consultation

Our virtual 1-hour consultation service supports players and their families in identifying realistic and achievable goals that align with their aspirations and creating a pathway to get there. During an initial consultation, Coach Reid delivers an honest and constructive analysis of a player's current skill set and potential development. From there, our clients receive a detailed plan to meet their goals as well as the necessary information and resources to navigate the world of hockey at the amateur, college and/or professional levels. 

Ongoing consulting services for player advancement and recruitment opportunities are also available. Utilizing his extensive contacts with coaches and scouts around the nation, Coach Reid provides players a variety of career playing options as well as ongoing guidance to include the targeting of specific teams, leagues, prep school and college level programs.

Video Analysis

Video training is a powerful tool in hockey development. Our virtual video analysis service not only assist players in identifying their strengths and areas for improvement but also aids players in translating their Hockey IQ to real game situations. Utilizing video breakdown platforms such Hudle, we also provide on-boarding to players for future video review and sharing.  

For our clients striving to play at the junior, college, or professional levels, we can assist in building a player profile to include a video library for potential recruitment opportunities.

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Fitness Planning

Strength, conditioning and overall fitness training are vital to every players' growth and development. With proper supervision and guidance, players at any age can build a foundation in fitness that supports their on-ice development and opportunities for achievement. Utilizing USA Hockey approved training schedules, our virtual fitness planning service offers a personalized off-ice training plan geared towards results and designed with specific skill sets and physical developmental levels in mind. Coach Reid collaborates with the player to design a training schedule easily implemented in any setting while targeting speed, explosiveness, strength, stability, and balance. This service includes player on-boarding and a take-away daily workout plan.