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Hockey Goal


Join Us for a Virtual Hockey Advisory Symposium on January 9th and 23rd from 7:00-8:00 PM 

   Geared to 2008-2007 birth year players preparing for their draft years, this two-part event will provide insight and clarification on the progression from youth to Junior to NCAA to Pro levels. Key points include player self-promotion, understanding the USHL drafting processes & timelines, the many pathways players may take to progress their hockey careers, the various services provided by hockey family advisors, as well as if/when to seek professional advisory services. 


In attendance will be a NCAA coach as well as a pro-level agent to provide further insight into the role and responsibilities of coaches and scouts  in recruiting players, as well as general steps players may take to achieve their goal of playing at the junior, college and even pro levels. 


UPDATE: In light of some recent misinformation regarding the intent of our FREE Virtual Hockey Advisory Symposium, we would like to make it clear that this symposium was and will remain focused to general information and at no point were specific schools/colleges, leagues, or youth club organizations to include their affiliates going to be promoted or discouraged as this would not only be unprofessional but also not beneficial to our limited time in a large group platform. In addition, our host, Matt Reid, as well as our guest speakers have planned all talking points with the clear understanding that there are many pathways players may take to continue their hockey careers beyond their youth programs. Lastly, at no point were our attendees going to be solicited paid advisory services as this would be in direct contradiction to our last key talking point as well not beneficial to all of our clients attending. 

With all of this said, in order to ensure our clients are able to attend our January 9th and 23rd Zoom sessions comfortably, all participants will be kept anonymous and recordings will not be available. As mentioned in our initial communication regarding the symposium, we invite players of ALL levels, regardless of their current tier and their families to attend. 


Registration is FREE and open to players of all ages and skill levels.


Following each night’s presentation, hosts will reserve the last 15 minutes for a general Q&A.


Registered participants will receive a Zoom link to attend the webinars LIVE approximately 1hr prior to start time. Each session will also be recorded and shared with registered participants for those unable to attend one or both nights. 

Participants may begin requesting entry to the Zoom meeting beginning 5 minutes prior to session start at 7:00 pm. 

We strongly encourage participants to ensure they have the latest version of Zoom desktop client or mobile app prior to the session start. For additional Zoom support can be found at

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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